Elmansour Development forms a strategic partnership with Healthy Care Medical Group to oversee its medical properties

في يوم 31 مايو، 2024 | بتوقيت 4:55 م

كتبت: شيرين محمد

Elmansour Development has announced its partnership agreement with Healthy Care Medical, a strategic move aimed at entrusting the management of its medical sector projects.
In the presence of officials from both companies, Amgad Mansour, a Board Member of Elmansour Development, and Ahmed Adam, the CEO of Healthy Care Medical, officially signed the contract.
Amgad Mansour, a Board Member of Elmansour Development, stated that the contract aligns with Elmansour’s vision for operational enhancement across its diverse projects.
Mansour highlighted the strategic partnership with Healthy Care Medical as a crucial mechanism in realizing this vision within the medical sector, emphasizing the significant value this partnership brings to the company’s projects and investors.
He noted that this collaboration elevates the standard of medical services within the Egyptian real estate sector and enhances the investment value for clients of Elmansour Development.
He further added that the contract has already been enacted, with work commencing on the medical units within both the Mokattam Medical Center at the 9 yard project located in Mokattam, and Oxagon Medical Tower in Maadi.
For his part, Ahmed Adam, CEO of Healthy Care Medical Group, said that the strategic collaboration with Elmansour Development is a valuable addition to Healthy Care’s portfolio and its esteemed clientele.
Adam highlighted Healthy Care’s prominent position as one of the leading companies specializing in the management and operation of medical facilities, pointed out that Elmansour Development’s projects embody fundamental aspects of excellence, including prime geographical locations and innovative structural designs.
He elaborated that Healthy Care initiated its operations in 2018 with the establishment of Healthy Care Medical Group, quickly becoming a prominent provider of healthcare services across diverse demographics. The company initially acquired highly efficient specialized clinics in Alexandria. Presently, Healthy Care has secured a medical operator’s license for several projects within the New Administrative Capital in Cairo.
He added that Healthy Care Medical has emerged as the pioneer Egyptian company in delivering groundbreaking medical services, with a primary emphasis on enhancing health outcomes. This achievement is realized through diverse key areas that significantly and effectively contribute to advancing health and well-being across numerous projects.