Madar Al-Jadeed, Selects WideBot to Enhance Customer Experience with Advanced AI Technologies

في يوم 7 مايو، 2024 | بتوقيت 8:28 ص

كتب: Mohamed Lotfy

Madar Al-Jadeed, the leading telecommunications provider in Libya, takes a significant step towards an advanced future in customer experience by joining forces with WideBot, MENA’s leading Arabic conversational AI chatbot platform. Founded in 1995, Madar Al-Jadeed has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality communication services and continuous development, serving over 5,000,000 subscribers from government institutions, companies, and individuals in Libya.
WideBot, MENA’s leading Arabic conversational AI chatbot platform, offering basic to full-fledged solutions to enterprise, governments and SMEs since 2016, works to simplify operations and facilitate digital transformation through cutting-edge AI technologies. With a client base of over 35,000 customers and a market presence in more than 45 countries, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia, WideBot has conducted over a billion conversations and serves more than 80 million customers. Most recently, WideBot developed “Kemet,” the first intelligent assistant to respond to over 50,000 inquiries related to the Egyptian Civil Service Law and offer information about other services provided by the Egyptian administrative body to employees and citizens either in voice or written form based on the user’s preference.
Madar Al-Jadeed selected WideBot due to its extensive experience in AI and proficiency in interacting with customers in different dialects, as this strategic collaboration aims to enhance Madar Al-Jadeed’s capabilities in delivering high-quality services and meeting the evolving needs of its vast customer base through immediate and professional support tailored to their unique requirements.
Madar’s AI-powered virtual assistant through WideBot, enables seamless communication with customers in Arabic, English, and the Libyan dialect; enhancing customer experience by providing personalized and timely responses to inquiries via Messenger and web chat.
This collaboration marks a significant development in Libya’s telecommunications sector, as it embraces the prominent potential of AI. The partnership is expected to increase customer satisfaction, fuel the growth of Madar’s customer base, especially following the recent launch of 3rd and 4th generation services in most Libyan cities, and introduce new services, positioning the company as a leading mobile network operator in the region.

Bassam Tunis, CEO of Madar Al-Jadeed, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “This partnership reflects Madar’s vision to provide exceptional and innovative services, supporting our expansion and reinforcing our position as a leading telecommunications provider in Libya and North Africa. We are committed to leveraging technological advancements and delivering further innovation in the telecommunications sector.”
Mohamed Nabil, CEO and Co-founder of WideBot, also voiced his excitement, saying, “We are proud to collaborate with Madar and take their customer communication to the next level, and ensure smooth access to all communication services to deliver an unparalleled experience. WideBot is fully prepared to provide Madar’s customers with the latest services, which are constantly updated through AI technologies to meet their evolving needs in the best, most efficient possible way.”