Marks the First Anniversary of Its Pioneering Medical Training Academy in Egypt.

Delivering 236 specialized educational programs and academic courses, benefiting 1,849 graduates.

في يوم 3 أبريل، 2024 | بتوقيت 1:35 ص

كتبت: Nagwa Taha

Siemens Healthineers, a global leader in medical technology, commemorates the inaugural year of the Siemens Healthineers Academy, a leading institution in medical training. The academy’s mission is to offer tailored programs and specialized courses for healthcare professionals and university students, empowering them with advanced knowledge and practical skills. By harnessing cutting-edge digital educational solutions, the academy bridges gaps in the local medical landscape, addressing the shortage of trained professionals and fostering a skilled workforce across Africa and the Middle East.

Crafted by industry experts worldwide, Siemens Healthineers Academy programs equip participants with the expertise needed to tackle clinical and technological challenges, ensuring sustainable access to advanced healthcare, offering a diverse range of courses totaling 236 over the past year, including 11 dedicated to continuous support programs, in addition to 1,849 graduates which underscores the academy’s role in nurturing a scientifically and practically adept technical workforce, driving progress in the medical sector.

Throughout the past year, the academy’s initiatives and collaborations in Egypt have yielded tangible benefits for the healthcare sector. Notably, it actively participated in the Ministry of Health and Population’s Women’s Health initiative, offering certified workshops and continuous medical education for healthcare specialists. Practical training sessions utilizing ultrasound breast simulation models were conducted across multiple provinces, including Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta, Menoufia, and Luxor, benefitting numerous radiology technicians.