The kick-off of the 2nd Edition of Hussein Sabbour Creativity Awards

في يوم 29 نوفمبر، 2023 | بتوقيت 11:53 ص

كتب: By Fathy Elsayeh


The launch of the second edition of Hussein Sabbour Creativity Awards; the design competition is targeting third-year and final-year students as well as fresh graduates in Egypt and the Middle East region in Architecture and urban design major.
The award honors the memory of Eng. Hussein Sabbour, paying tribute to his visionary outlook and enduring commitment to self-improvement. He was a staunch believer in youth, innovation, and academic advancement. Sabbour Consulting is delighted to announce the second edition of the Hussein Sabbour Creativity Annual Award, now spanning the entire Middle East.
Bahareya Oasis is the chosen topic for the project for this year. Bahareya Oasis is a significant cultural and natural heritage site in Egypt, which has emerged as a vital economic resource for the local community through tourism. In light of this, the competition seeks to enhance community understanding of the oasis while fostering a sense of connection between the past and the present through innovative environmental architectural designs.
The deadline for receiving competition applications is on the 15th of Jan while the deadline for submission is on the 4th of March 2024 and the date for announcing the winners is on the 18th of April 2024.
The panel of jury experts comprises professionals specializing in architecture and urban design. Dr. Ali Gabr “Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at New Giza University”, Dr. Amr Abdelkawi “Professor of Architecture at the American University in Cairo” and Dr. Hossam Tahoun “Head of the Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture at NDG” and Dr. Abul Fotouh Shalaby “Professor specializing in Sustainable Urban Design”.
Engineer Nagwa Al Koussy “Board Member of Sabbour Consulting” emphasized that Hussein Sabbour Creativity Awards will strive to develop it further in the coming years aligning with Hussein Sabbour’s vision which he adopted and was always keen to sustain by training young engineers and graduates to elevating the profession.
Eng. Omar Sabbour “CEO of Sabbour Consulting” highlighted that Hussein Sabbour Creativity Awards design competition is an opportunity to employ outstanding, creative young engineers and graduates and to qualify them for the job market in Egypt.